March 18, 2016

 Gordons Bay - Bronte to Clovelly Walk


March 11, 2016

“Everything around us, ourselves included, is in constant change. Photography is our means of capturing now – and to remember where we’ve come from.” – Amanda Van


December 28, 2015

…this eternal tower silent on its craggy throne, a steady rock in the infinite rage, a timeless anchor in the seas of insanity and relentless surge, the stinging spray snaking up the ragged bluff in misty tendrils and ghostly touch upon the salt stained stone…”



June 26, 2015

“I suspect it is for one’s self-interest that one looks at one’s surroundings and one’s self. This search is personally born and is indeed my reason and motive for making photographs. The camera is not merely a reflecting pool and the photographs are not exactly the mi...

February 25, 2015

…a serendipitous time, a place where the world was minute, silent, a floating singularity without time or measure… a moment that was nowhere….


February 23, 2015


February 2, 2015

“The most successful photographs are not those that required the most trouble”. – Carlo Rim

(An opportunistic 30 second exposure shot with the camera balanced on an upturned bucket).


December 18, 2014

No-one can fix or change how this week began, but everyone is deciding how, at least this week, it is going to end;  in silence, respect, community, restraint and unity.

“We are one
But we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We’ll share a dream
And sing w...

August 26, 2014

Gordon Creek is for the most part a nicely inaccessible place. The Two Creeks track skirts the stream briefly, though from some elevation, otherwise this waterway is really only accessible by water. From Middle Harbour the creek looks like just another of several mangr...