Catch of the Day

 15 May 2016

"No picture has a single meaning." - Simon Watney

The Long Afternoon

"Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true." - Jacques-Henri Lartigue

 8 May 2016


 1 May 2016

Anzac Day dawn service, Martin Place Sydney.

"Among many aspects of photography, one seems the most important and still unappreciated. Namely, the ability to convey the memory of the past." - Jerzy Tadeusz Lewczynski

Welcome Swallows

 29 May 2016

" is images you carry. You cannot carry nature with you, but you carry images of nature. When you go out to make a picture you find you are moved by something which is in agreement with an image you already held within yourself." - Frederick Sommer

Hornby Lighthouse

 22 May 2016

"I have never taken a picture for any other reason than that at that moment it made me happy to do so." - Jacques-Henri

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