Eden Unearthed

From July 2019 - January 2020 my sculptural Message Tree is being exhibited at Sydney's Eden Gardens as part of Eden Unearthed exhibition.

The Message Tree is located in the Daffodil Garden next to the Cancer Council remembrance wall. It provides an opportunity for visitors to put pen to paper, to remember a loved one or just write a musing which they then place into one of the 100 jars which adorn the tree. 

Guiding Stars Commission

I was one of four artists selected to participate in Lane Cove's Guiding Stars which was a temporary public art project by Lane Cove Council in December 2018.

The purpose of the project was to encourage people to think about the amount of electronic waste generated through Christmas gift-giving.

My sculpture, Angelus Detritus, was inspired by Paul Klee's painting Angelus Novus.  The philosopher Walter Benjamin wrote of the painting: "Where we perceive a chain of events, he sees one catastrophe which keeps piling wreckage… and hurls it at his feet… But a storm is blowing from Paradise; and caught in his wings…. the storm propels him into the future…. while the pile before him grows skyward. The storm is what we call progress."

This work reflects the idea that it is we are speeding on the winds of progress whilst the angel watches the detritus of our consumerism ever piling its wreckage at her feet.

Further information on the Guiding Stars project can be found at:

Lane Cove Remembers

To mark the 100th anniversary of Armistace Day in November 2018, Lane Cove Council commissioned me to paint a signal box which reflected the local community's connection to wars, conflict and peace operations.

The Big Hoot - Auckland NZ

The Big Hoot was a joint public art project by The Child Cancer Foundation in partnership with Wild In Art.  

The project incorporated 49 giant owl sculptures, each painted or decorated by selected local and International artists.


The owls were then displayed around Auckland for 9 weeks, during the autumn of 2018. Following the art trail the sculptures were auctioned off to raise much needed funds to continue the Child Cancer Foundation's work, supporting more than 1,700 families across New Zealand. 


My owl, entitled I'm Puzzled, contributed NZ$6,500 to the NZ$380,000 raised by the project. 

The Big Splash - Perth 

The Big Splash was a vibrant art event that saw 36 life-sized dolphin sculptures exhibited in and around Perth early in 2018.


Following the public art trail, the sculptures were auctioned off to raise vital funds for the Perth Children's Hospital's Child and Adolescent Mental Health Unit.


I was thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in this project raising funds for such an important cause. After  6 weeks on display outside the City of Perth Council House, my dolphin, entitled Splash, sold for $3,500. 

Signal Boxes - Lane Cove

In February 2017 I was commissioned by Lane Cove Council in Sydney to paint two traffic signal boxes on busy Epping Road.


The brief was site specific with Council wanting these boxes to be "a tribute to the industry of Lane Cove West".


My design, "Risen from the Flames" depicts both the original Chicago Starch Mills that opened on the banks of the Lane Cove River in 1894 and the mill as it exists today. The original mill was almost destroyed by fire in 1897 and since then has evolved with the various changes of guard over time, giving us now over 120 years of continuous industry and employment in the Lane Cove area.

Signal Boxes - Rhodes 

Late 2016 I was commissioned by the City of Canada Bay local council to paint four traffic signal boxes in the suburb of Rhodes.

Each of my designs explores the built environment that interweaves with the natural world and pays homage to Rhodes' parklands, water, transport and development.

Canon Lab - Imagination

Late in 2016 I was one of six photographers selected to participate in a Canon Lab project on the theme Imagination and Creativity.


After being briefed a young child about a scene in her imagination I was given a week to create the scene using photography.


The final work is a combination of many images shot at different locations which were pieced together to create the final work.


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Today and Tomorrow

Exhibited in the sculpture plinth in Civic Park, North Sydney

My hand painted pear, Today and Tomorrow, exhibited in Civic Park, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney.


Exhibition dates 14 September 2016 - 16 November 2016

Marie France Group

In July 2017 I was thrilled to have the opportunity to exhibit alongside my son, Alex, in a photographic exhibition entitled City Places.

I have also exhibited at the Marie France Group Art Gallery at West Pymble in March 2016 and 2015.

Two Worlds

Solo Exhibition

Gallery Lane Cove, Sydney

Two Worlds was a solo exhibition of contrasts, a juxtaposition of the natural and the man made, the real and the imagined with photographs, paintings and 3d forms.


Held at Gallery Lane Cove from 6 - 24 October 2015.

Taronga Wild Rhinos

Taronga Wild! Rhinos was a joint public art project by The Taronga Conservation Foundation in partnership with Wild In Art.  


The project incorporated 85 life-sized rhino sculptures, each painted or decorated by selected Australian and International artists and a number of small sculptures painted by local schools.


The rhinos were then displayed around Sydney and regional areas for 3 months. My rhino, The Nature of Industriousness was displayed at Darling Harbour. It was also chosen to be displayed at the Sydney Opera House for the official media launch and at Taronga Zoo for the visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 


In May 2014, 45 of the rhinos were auctioned at The Star with The Nature of Industriousness piece selling for $17,000. The project raised more than $460,000 for Taronga Zoo’s rhino breeding and field conservation programs.



North Sydney Mural

In 2014 I was commissioned by the owner of a building in North Sydney to paint a mural on the rear wall.


The project presented several challenges due to the location and height being 3-5 storeys. A cherrypicker was used to access the site and traffic control operators were engaged to assist with the partial closure of the narrow street. 


Thankfully the weather was on our side and the mural was completed in 5 days.


The design was chosen to reflect the nearby learning precint with the ACU and several colleges and schools in the immediate vicinity.



Featured with Canon

In 2010 I was contacted by Canon because thay wanted to include some of my images in a national street advertising campaign. 


Since then Canon have selected several of my images for use at expos and their online community pages. 

City of Villages

The 2006 City of Villages Art Prize was hosted by the City of Sydney and Pine Street Creative Arts Centre in partnership with JC Decaux.


My work, Sun Setting on the Industrious, was selected as one of 10 finalists. The works by the finalists were reproduced as giant posters and showcased in street furniture sites around Sydney.


The original painting was created in acrylic on canvas and was included in the exhibition at the Pine Street Gallery. The image was also selected to be used in the official invitation and promotional material. 

Times Square, New York

My photograph, This Place, was selected as a finalist in the Thomson Reuters "Green Week" Project.


The image was displayed for a day on 5 June 2013 on the Jumbotron in Times Square, New York.

About You Competition

In 2005 I was the overall winner of the About You photography competition with an image of my young son admiring the sharks in an aquarium.

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Featured with Canon

Street Advertising